Practice & Progress

Regular practice can help us to develop skills, attitudes and abilities which make our daily life more manageable, meaningful and enjoyable.

To connect with other people from across the world and together engage in exercises related to self-insight, well-being and personal mastery, attend my regular practice sessions.

Weekly Live Events

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Practice Testimonials

“I love Lee’s Integral Practice Sessions. He has a calming and friendly demeanor and sets a welcoming tone in a short time. His instructions are very helpful when breaking out into small sessions and they help keep the focus during the short amount of time.” – Sheila Stahl.

“I found the format provided by Lee Mason to be very effective, and Lee’s observations and comments to be very helpful. As always, group interaction is very supporting and informative.” – Judy Smith.

“Lee is so organized; thorough, succinct, and thoughtful. He helps me ground and be present. When I heard ‘so many steps to follow’ he immediately buffeted with a split-screen option to refer to in the breakout. I can model this as I see it is possible.” – Mary Janicki.